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My Intro -where I’m playing with WP

4/10/2018 – OK – so when I say ‘playing’ I really mean ‘overthinking,’ with a dash (mos.) of procrastination for added flavor – behind the scenes, of course. You may be asking yourself, “What’s this site/blog about?” Well, I am too! HA! Equal parts —  memoir & sipping lukewarm coffee from vintage floral teacups….   nature hikes & pics, rescued pets, the care & feeding of grandkids, random crafts & recipes, product recommendations, retirement planning, minimalism and preparing for an RV nomadic lifestyle (how do I tag – TinyTrailerLiving).  Also, some of my original fiction  & discussions of other books/authors/TV/Film (paranormal, horror & true crime).

Under “Grandma Auburn’s Emporium” I sell family-friendly gifts and apparel featuring simple, heart-felt designs. Connect with me on FB at Grandma Auburn’s Place.

And a massage thrown in for goodness sake!…   because I’m an MT by trade, nurturer by nature and creative introvert from birth. Welcome to Indiana 🙂  and my unconventional mid-life crisis in the Midwest! I’m Jen – Nice to meet you!

Today, I’m just trying to keep the wheels from fallin’ off…. literally. On the 4 mile round trip to the vet, Krogers and back, the van lost one lug nut and another was  hanging on by a thread ;-D – le sigh. Two positives marked off the TO-DO List: Ziggy the terrier has trimmed nails and was hardly traumatized.  And the State of Indiana can choke on the money order, ’cause Taxes. R. Dun!



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