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Spring Cleaning the Tiny Kitchen

Per last post, you’ll know that the Cleanin’ Bug bit me

An hour’s worth of organization happened in the Tiny Kitchen today. Scrubbed some baseboards, even. Hubby was due home a tad earlier than usual, so I took a break! HA! 😉 Roughly thirty percent of the kitchen stuff is more accessible now, better flow – Feel that fresh Energy? *~*~*~Claim your spaces, Friends and Confidantes, even if it’s one corner at a time.

Tiny Tips of the Day: 1. Switch cupboards (top to bottom) for seasonal small appliances (holiday baking/canning) and over sized utensils. 2. Downsize your canisters, coffee maker, crock pot. 3. Re-purpose a tall, narrow bookshelf to store canned goods.

In The Creative Dept: My FIRST BABY DESIGN has launched! YaY! “Summer Baby!” in 8 colors –> And For {soon-to-be} New MOMS –> Here is a Hippy Heart Mug for Mom . Free shipping code expires soon – SPRING18 (rush shipping is available) Follow me for more tips & creativity {And Father’s Day Specials}– Browse Grandma Auburn’s Emporium here

Baby Swimwear, Birthday Tee shirt, Toddler Tee, Baby Shower Gift


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