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Young Parents and the Need to be Heard

If you ever been surrounded by silly kids in your kitchen on any given afternoon, you can either be annoyed at the chatter, or [re-direct the dumb stuff]… but also –> absorb some of their enthusiasm for life, their new ideas, the crazy questions… Crackin’ up with them. Letting off steam while they’re snackin’.   I learned a lot back then, listening to them talk.

My teen daughter… 10 years later on the phone… NOW a young-ish parent: same chatterbox… only now there’s my granddaughter plus 2 ragtag step-grandsons last week; all milling around in the background wanting to be heard also.  She tells them she needs her Mommy, too.  {grins*}  She juggles it all way-ay better than I did. All. Of. It.-  I am in awe and tell her so.

Young parents need a thumbs up, and a nap. There’s sick days, skinned knees and chores. They feel alone, and sometimes hunt down rancid smells with window cleaner and a ratty towel. And that’s OK 😉

Whatever path you’re on, Friends and Confidantes, know that noting lasts forever and  we CAN be supportive; Be the Neighbor that gives somebody a ride to the store, takes a meal or bag of clothes to a family, church, or shelter.  Offer to babysit for an hour or two. Be a  listener. Hold space for them to be heard through the struggle to raise the youngest generation. – Gma Auburn – The Emporium – Baby Summer Beach Outfit

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