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Grandchildren are my Muse

Grandma Auburn is here to tell y’all that Redheads are NOT going extinct; but everything else you’ve heard – is true ;-D They run rampant {HA!} on both hubby’s and my side. He and I both have shades of red hair. Mine the darker, bronze-ish. Our Daughter represents in both shade and personality; granddaughter got the curly, orange-red. Temper-Check!  Creative-Check!  Sensitive-Check!  Sunblock-Check! [Somebody even wrote a school paper about our red-head DNA]

Nature/Nurture: Read previous posts (tags) and you’ll see I have to have nature. I’m also all about helping raise the youngest generation. So-oo the creativity in me occasionally mesh the two.  I. Am. pleased with the results; and these designs make my heart smile. Just like my grandkids do!

Friends and Confidantes. If You have a redhead or a grandchild in your life, you know we are all the richer for that connection.  –>Each shirt has a bit of personality peekin’ thru.  –   FLOWER GIRL   MOUSE FACE

Thanks for stopping by today! Happy 4th America! AND from one scarred redhead to the rest of the world:  “Remember the sunblock!”  – Gma Auburn


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