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Pouch Potatoes on the Grill – Outdoor Recipe

Outdoor charcoal grill or campfire: pre-fire instructions same as “Corn on the Grill: Here.

***Prep Time: 20 min  ***Cook Time 30-40 min (flip after 15-20 min)

4-5 medium russet potatoes, skin on – washed. Free of eyes.

1/2- 1 medium onion slivered.

1-2 cloves or tsp of garlic.

2 ice cubes or 2-3 Tbls water (or broth)

2 sheets of aluminum foil – roughly 3 ft long – On 1 long side and both short sides Make 3-4 inch wide folds over. Next fold and crease both corners – TADA! Here’s you POUCH! {or use dutch oven type cookware)

3 Tbls. Butter – Salt, pepper – Spices and optional MEAT (pre-cooked) preferred: Italian sausage or chicken, bite sized- BONUS TIP: Veggie pouch: these works great too: Zucchini, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Baby Carrots 1/2 cut – 3 Tbls Veggie Broth can replace the water/ice cubes  above.

***CUT, toss, sprinkle all ingredients – and remember to add: the butter PLUS broth or ice cubes

Fold and seal the pouch tightly!  Place on grate or near hot coals for 15-20 mins (When you here sizzling wait 5 min, then turn over gently using mits  for another 20 minutes. {{Feeding more than 6 people? Make a 2nd pouch. Gigantic pouches take forever to cook and tend to split at the seams}}

Thanks for Stopped by today! Be Safe and Happy this Independence Day! And from one scarred redhead to the rest of the world – Remember the sunblock ;-D – Grandma Auburn  – Please like and follow for more recipes and musings or find Kids’ summer tee shirts here. 


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