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No looking back


In the book/movie (S. King) The Langoliers, the PAST became a dead, still place… that got eaten. That’s about the best analogy I have for my life over the last few months.  It doesn’t matter what the issues were, it’s the multiplicity of it all that became a strangling force. And I went off. Ballistic. Grandma Auburn had had Enough. From several directions. No one person or event caused it.

Not tactful or succinct. Not vengeful, anxious or regretful. Not faultless, either. Just done. The act of ‘going through something(s) is and was messy and ugly. Both online and within my TinyTrailer Life. {no, it’s not a divorce} Disconnected from the daily grind for a bit. I’m taking back my own voice. Separate from loved ones taking up space in my head, even. Apart from who I am to everyone else, {or who I thought I was} I needed to remind myself of who I am, what I love; at my core.  There’s comfort in having a very small world for the time being. Healing is happening. I am cared for and I know who cares for me. Sometimes, that’s all the solid ground it takes….

Let’s say for now- I’m ‘camped out’ on the path leading forward. The sun shines there.  I leave The Langoliers devouring what’s behind me.  No looking back; staying in the present. It’s time to be a little more selfish, Friends and Confidantes.

In the coming weeks: A growing list of work at home needs revamped. Ideas abound, here and elsewhere. Follow me on Pinterest as Grandma Auburn Designs. Learning as I go! (recipes, outdoors, homesteading, frugal, DIY, home organization, small spaces, and kids’ -learning/crafts) I’d LOVE to follow some new boards! You?   … Gma Auburn #stasis


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