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Doggie Doodie

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Backyard Blossoms

This is one of those “Aw, Crap!” posts. First, I didn’t realize some blogs are ‘award free.’ Yikes! Color me embarrassed.  I haven’t finished the commenting portion for a couple Mystery Bloggers I nominated yesterday; finishing shortly, cautiously. Sorry!

New Pup News:  She already poops bigger than the last dog did! My stash of Dollar General bags is dwindling. Most of the toys/leashes we bought her are too small.  She thinks her water bowl is a swimming hole. I gave her a dog bed, she wrestles with it like WWF. She ate a whole bag of baby carrots in 2.5 days. AND she got me to run with her- kinda. That ain’t easy for an old broad! HA!

On a sober note… we’ve suspected some kind of abuse in her short past. Among other things: She’s growling, with fur up, at anyone who comes near us on walks O.0 More on this as we keep training and reassuring her.

On the home front: Hubby is home. Trucking is slow. He’s not up to par anyway. But the paycheck won’t be, either. Crap!  He’s walking the pup often, so that’s a big help.

Lilacs in sunshine 4 Grandma Auburn Designs 5-2019.jpgNext- I need to take my Dad some dinner; and to doctors’ appointments this week and next. I’m gettin’ a tad cagey about those. A couple weeks ago I screwed up and missed one of his appointments. He was upset and sorta freaked. I felt rotten about it. Almost 50, I’m still trying to be a good daughter.

Friends and Confidantes,  I’m overdue for a little get away. – Gma Auburn {Jen} – Knows where her marbles are… same place her coffee’s hidin’…



8 thoughts on “Doggie Doodie

  1. Isn’t being in the “sandwich generation” fun?? NOT!

    Take some time for you – you have value beyond words, especially as the Mom of a new and possibly abused fur child. Hang in there – things are going to improve.

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    1. ‘Zactly! Moms don’t really get a break when kids move out. I’m still the sounding board, advice giver, back up sitter and occasional food pantry. Then- we lost my mom 7 years ago. It takes me and my 2 sisters to keep our Dad on track… and you KNOW 2 doctors’ appointments turn into 4…

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  2. No worries! I’m the designated “Go hold Mom’s emotional hand” when she’s sick or grumpy or bored… Also the designated Hospice AIde when we get there – so I get it. I’m sorry about the loss of your Mom. *hugs*
    As for off-spring? I’m pet sitting for my daughter for heaven’s sake! It seems like they only call or text when there’s something needed, even if it’s common sense. You never stop being a parent, so I guess you never stop being a child? Great… Now this child wants an “adult beverage”, LOL.
    Vent away – I’m a good listener.

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    1. … “even if it’s common sense.” BAHAHA! Good one! You pet-sit too! Future hugs now, for hospice later. I’m the sister ‘without a career’ …or a schedule, evidently. Thanks for the paragraphs and the offer; LIKEWISE for you as well!


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