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Quick Cleaning Tips for Neglected Areas

 It’s been 18 months since we’ve lived on a semi truck. All our ‘stuff’ was in storage for 2 years. Half of it is still here at the TinyTrailer. Bins in corners, etc.  I’ve sorted, purged, SHIFTED, and re-boxed, but finally It’s almost finished! 

Got stuck, stagnant  stuff??   Dealing with disorganization due to closets (or no closets) full of kids’ outgrown clothes/toys? Is it a home or a dorm? Nearing retirement?(pick me!) Ready to part with decades of accumulation and take up a hobby on the porch?

Friends and Confidantes, Do the small things that lead to bigger things. {Like having a weekend with family & fun without chores, exhaustion or guilt}  Sometimes ‘stuck’ is for a reason. Is it Within or without? With people, situations or stuff?   Listen to what thoughts are reoccurring; the good, the bad; the floundering and the freeing.

 FOUR [week]DAYS to less stress and household sanity! 

SET A TIMER:  :: 20 minutes a day — over a 4 day cycle :: 

 Pick 2 neglected areas each week to purge, organize and/or clean.

Envision a finish line on Friday. Don’t start on Monday. ;-D  Who wants to do that??? 

Household Tips to PowerClean:  A->Don’t buy anything that doesn’t help organize what’s in the ‘keep pile’.  B-> Ask Yourself: “What have I been meaning to get around to for months?” C->**Finish Line Friday:  🙂 You can Tear it apart on Tuesday, but it must be clean, organized (or re-purposed) and Completed/Usable on Friday.  D. Use 3 bags or Boxes: Keep/Trash/Donate- then -Take out!   E. Find where you can COMBINE (trips to town, dresser drawers or organizing the bathroom while bathing a toddler.)

  1. Pick 2 areas to tackle {idea starters below} or target your own ( ONE can be online things as long as 20 min are devoted to forward progress of your time, career &/or income goals)
  2. . Cut out one 20-30 min unproductive activity. (Any TV/internet time suck)

3.  Toss or donate 4 items {at least} per family member/or per area (per 4-day cycle)

4. Morning routines & loosing things- (spend 20 min. on weekly Schedules/add cubbies for kids- 10 min ‘clean-up’ timer for young ones)

5. Saving/Spending Get real with bills. Know what you need. Find the bleed(s)- stash the savings (Automate $5-$25 to a specific account per week or target your smallest debt first. Unplug energy vampire electronics. Take 20 min to research cheaper providers for any insurance, cell phones. etc.) {Clean the pet hair and dust bunnies under the fridge. It will run more efficiently.}

6.   -Kitchen organization Evening meals are disastrous. Pantry Items, drawers/prep areas. Plus meal planning via an app or list taped to the fridge.)

7. Closets first, then dressers, then laundry , Oh My!  Ideas for those with tiny closets: seasonal clothes, books, extra linen & picture albums: Put in Lidded totes. Make a ‘tote tower’ by adding a thin board [or old game board] on top and drape a tapestry over to use as a nightstand.  Keep extra canned goods or crafts in a re-purposed video storage cabinet)

8.  Bathroom = Bio-hazard? Safety hazards? (Old &/or duplicate OTC meds?)

9. Income issues/Career/Side gigs  (Research side hustles, online or while the kids are in school. A job closer to home or heart.)

10. Sleep/Phys. Health/Nutrition (20 min outdoor activity/preparing 20 min quick meals, go to bed/get up 20 mins earlier or later.)

11. Add or integrate: (home)work/creative/hobby space.

12. Mental Health-Decor, Colors & Things you keep: Create a soothing sanctuary. A family nest. Playful place to relax, recharge, learn.  It should accentuate your version of joy. Not a manic distopia where no one can sleep or feel upbeat.

RE-CAP:  Working Mom or a home business owner… Less stress & more space begins with bite-sized increments. – PLUS +4 days to finish 2 stagnant, cluttered areas. Have the weekend to do as you please!  DONE; with less than 90 minutes total, teased out of your busy week. _PS Teenager Friendly!

I’ll be elaborating on the above 12 points (scattershot as they are) and linking them to future posts. I hope this post helped you in some way. Please follow and find Grandma Auburn on Facebook and ->Instagram [still bare, but JUST LAUNCHED!!]  Visit the store: Grandma Auburn’s Emporium.   My Summer Baby infant design -one-piece outfit.  With Free Shipping, is the newest addition to the family!


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Overload and Downtime

Have I been pushin’ myself too hard or did I catch a bug?  Probably a wee bit of both.

Tues-Wed night I finished one design, [checking off one goal from last week] fiddled with another, but wasn’t productive after 10pm. Wed. morning, I got sick early on. Queazy/blurry vision all day. I’m sure it was a combo of dehydration and overdoing ‘it’ for the last few weeks.

Nothing seems to go right when I’m ill. Phone calls, uploads, chores, errands all ground to a halt for 24 hours.

Thurdsay was better. Chauffeured for hours, and brainstormed online careers moves with my grown daughter. (I have 1 daughter, 1 granddaughter and 2 part-time step-grandsons – in case anyone was tryin’ to keep track )

So, Friends and Confidants, among all the other obligations, Make certain you are taking care of YOU!  Also -Have fun on unplanned adventures!  ...As an introvert, I need reminding… This weekend is my birthday! Yay!  My soul is crying out for nature, so it’s time TO GO…. “Gone Primitive” Women’s Slouchy Tee!

WOMEN Only – Slouchy, comfy, campfire tee shirt . HERE w free shipping – Limited time!!!



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There’s a lesson here somewhere

I screwed up big time. Well, it isn’t tragic, but DANGIT!! Bang head here. While working in a creative rabbit hole last night, I was within pixels of being finished; I tried to resize a design and the program just. closed. itself. O.O Wwaa!!! Tell me it ain’t so!

Luckily all the bits and pieces of it were saved, so at least reassembly is going quicker. Plus everything I’ve learned so far about the new program is NOT lost. It was most-likely something I did, not the program’s fault.

Friends and Confidantes – don’t work while tired, always have coffee on, SAVE early and often. Apply that everywhere. (she says in her Susan Powter voice)  Mid-Afternoon break is over and I seriously need a refill –>> when IT’S FULL I’m “FUNCTIONAL”  –Over 25 color combos with black or white text. Grab your favorite color -Emoji Office Mugs!



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Everything, all at once – Hitting the Wall

Overwhelmed for a minute, or a month. Feel free to grab a beverage.  So, I haven’t told y’all that my daughter is getting married for the 2nd time; this weekend. Of course there will be consecutive overnights with the grandchild. Plus – There’s been an Aldi’s run, as the mother-of-the-bride is doin’ the food picnic-style 30 people. Add in the logistics of getting the young, the elderly and the food all transported to the location… I don’t just have ‘a list’ going, oh no! The last few days has spawned 4 other lists I’m trying to keep track of! :-X

Yesterday: Hubby’s Doctor Visit + Health Stuff = Job Stress. Other mundane & pressing things will add up. Until the middle of June. {and there WILL be camping, probably.}

Still carving out the time to learn a new program for my designs. 0.o  That’s meant getting up an hour earlier/going to bed an hour later for the past 5 days. I’m too tired to tell if my quota has suffered, or not… but I’m feeling that ‘wall‘ getting closer, faster.

Some tiny triumphs as well. Ongoing, tiny milestones ARE progressing! I’ve blogged about some, and there are others that need  tweaked before “unveiling.” *wink*.

So Friends and Confidantes- In honor of Wedding Season and my daughter, I’m unveiling “Got Hitched”  😉  A selection of colors and sizes to pick a pair of Newly Weds Camping tee shirts.  (super rush shipping is still available today, if you want it for Mother’s Day)