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Overload and Downtime

Have I been pushin’ myself too hard or did I catch a bug?  Probably a wee bit of both.

Tues-Wed night I finished one design, [checking off one goal from last week] fiddled with another, but wasn’t productive after 10pm. Wed. morning, I got sick early on. Queazy/blurry vision all day. I’m sure it was a combo of dehydration and overdoing ‘it’ for the last few weeks.

Nothing seems to go right when I’m ill. Phone calls, uploads, chores, errands all ground to a halt for 24 hours.

Thurdsay was better. Chauffeured for hours, and brainstormed online careers moves with my grown daughter. (I have 1 daughter, 1 granddaughter and 2 part-time step-grandsons – in case anyone was tryin’ to keep track )

So, Friends and Confidants, among all the other obligations, Make certain you are taking care of YOU!  Also -Have fun on unplanned adventures!  ...As an introvert, I need reminding… This weekend is my birthday! Yay!  My soul is crying out for nature, so it’s time TO GO…. “Gone Primitive” Women’s Slouchy Tee!

WOMEN Only – Slouchy, comfy, campfire tee shirt . HERE w free shipping – Limited time!!!



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There’s a lesson here somewhere

I screwed up big time. Well, it isn’t tragic, but DANGIT!! Bang head here. While working in a creative rabbit hole last night, I was within pixels of being finished; I tried to resize a design and the program just. closed. itself. O.O Wwaa!!! Tell me it ain’t so!

Luckily all the bits and pieces of it were saved, so at least reassembly is going quicker. Plus everything I’ve learned so far about the new program is NOT lost. It was most-likely something I did, not the program’s fault.

Friends and Confidantes – don’t work while tired, always have coffee on, SAVE early and often. Apply that everywhere. (she says in her Susan Powter voice)  Mid-Afternoon break is over and I seriously need a refill –>> when IT’S FULL I’m “FUNCTIONAL”  –Over 25 color combos with black or white text. Grab your favorite color -Emoji Office Mugs!



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Everything, all at once – Hitting the Wall

Overwhelmed for a minute, or a month. Feel free to grab a beverage.  So, I haven’t told y’all that my daughter is getting married for the 2nd time; this weekend. Of course there will be consecutive overnights with the grandchild. Plus – There’s been an Aldi’s run, as the mother-of-the-bride is doin’ the food picnic-style 30 people. Add in the logistics of getting the young, the elderly and the food all transported to the location… I don’t just have ‘a list’ going, oh no! The last few days has spawned 4 other lists I’m trying to keep track of! :-X

Yesterday: Hubby’s Doctor Visit + Health Stuff = Job Stress. Other mundane & pressing things will add up. Until the middle of June. {and there WILL be camping, probably.}

Still carving out the time to learn a new program for my designs. 0.o  That’s meant getting up an hour earlier/going to bed an hour later for the past 5 days. I’m too tired to tell if my quota has suffered, or not… but I’m feeling that ‘wall‘ getting closer, faster.

Some tiny triumphs as well. Ongoing, tiny milestones ARE progressing! I’ve blogged about some, and there are others that need  tweaked before “unveiling.” *wink*.

So Friends and Confidantes- In honor of Wedding Season and my daughter, I’m unveiling “Got Hitched”  😉  A selection of colors and sizes to pick a pair of Newly Weds Camping tee shirts.  (super rush shipping is still available today, if you want it for Mother’s Day)


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Spring Cleaning the Tiny Kitchen

Per last post, you’ll know that the Cleanin’ Bug bit me

An hour’s worth of organization happened in the Tiny Kitchen today. Scrubbed some baseboards, even. Hubby was due home a tad earlier than usual, so I took a break! HA! 😉 Roughly thirty percent of the kitchen stuff is more accessible now, better flow – Feel that fresh Energy? *~*~*~Claim your spaces, Friends and Confidantes, even if it’s one corner at a time.

Tiny Tips of the Day: 1. Switch cupboards (top to bottom) for seasonal small appliances (holiday baking/canning) and over sized utensils. 2. Downsize your canisters, coffee maker, crock pot. 3. Re-purpose a tall, narrow bookshelf to store canned goods.

In The Creative Dept: My FIRST BABY DESIGN has launched! YaY! “Summer Baby!” in 8 colors –> And For {soon-to-be} New MOMS –> Here is a Hippy Heart Mug for Mom . Free shipping code expires soon – SPRING18 (rush shipping is available) Follow me for more tips & creativity {And Father’s Day Specials}– Browse Grandma Auburn’s Emporium here

Baby Swimwear, Birthday Tee shirt, Toddler Tee, Baby Shower Gift

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Spring Cleaning – Mentality

(Subtitled – Challenge yourself to a month of purging the clutter today! )

I may need more than sage and all purpose cleaner to get this ship into shape.  Does anyone else watch hoarding shows as a motivational kick in the butt??

Last summer I took part in a Minimalist Challenge. {I highly recommend it with a friend or group}  For a few months after the challenge, the inertia dwindled. By fall, I kinda crashed and burned. Winter lobbed it’s own challenges at me; where I fought to work through some tough issues. Mental cleaning & purging may not as tangible as bowing bookshelves, eBay leftovers or dead relatives’ trinkets, but it’s just as important. Inner work lets us continue on with the ‘outer.’

Now the Spring cycle comes, f.i.n.a.l.l.y. and hopefully… I’m a wiser being for the trials during hibernation. Thankful to the Gods that there wasn’t backsliding. Thankful too, for endings as much as beginnings.

Whelp, friends and confidantes, surround yourself with things & thoughts [& people!] YOU. LOVE. NOW!! – ‘Cause the rest is takin’ up wa-a-y too much room in our heads and in our houses. Clear some space for more creativity and learning.   I have entirely too much going on this month to participate in a challenge daily.  BUT Forward in fits & spurts” is a viable motto 🙂 at least in my case!

So-o-o today is May Day 2018.   Will you dive in??

PS Don’t wait till the last minute! Mother’s Day & Father’s Day gifts here now! Just say “LOVE U” Use this link for free shipping {code: SPRING18} (mugs, totes, tapestries too) – Ends Soon!