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A Pale Horse, Candid Cousins, Crepe Hangers and Charismatic Preachers Pt 2

Last week… (Life, Grief and Caregivers – Pt 1 here)

We held 2 memorial services for my Mother-in-law.


The Understatement of the Week: “It’s difficult to deal with others’ raw emotions, when yours are equally raw.”

Most Apropos Quote of the Week: “What you think of me is none of my business.”

Best Reminder of the Week: “Strive to understand and uplift those around you.”

The Most Important Take-Away of the Week: “Grieve your way. Neither judgement nor forgiveness are necessary.”

Most Humbling thought of the Week: Face-to-Face… “Fellowship and story-telling are equally innate/intimate/intimidating human needs.”

Archaic Term of the Week: “Crepe Hangers{My grandmother used the term.}

… And somehow, Friends and Confidantes, we all got through it for the most part.

We are grateful for having had them in our lives; and honor them by being a better version of ourselves, going forward.Grandma Auburn


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Life, Grief and Caregivers Pt 1

rose LRGlightPink
Pink Rose Close Up

8 weeks ago…..

♦Life: So far, 2019 has not been gentle to my extended family. Illness. Loss and more loss.

{Even my Grand Pit Bulls have gone missing for over a month now.}

Early this year, my Dad buried his brother.

My husband lost his mom.

♦Life:  Yet there’s been wonderful cousins and in-law reunions. Mourn in one room; Smile in another.

♦Grief:  We’ve all had the family discussion/dilemma at one point (or several times) – Do we take off work to go see ________ while they’re still kinda OK? Do we wait and go to the funeral? Do we take the kids outta school and make two trips? Do we even have enough money left on this paycheck to make the journey?  Does _______ need to step up and be a caregiver? Does the caregiver need help? … Here’s the way I look at it: If your heart calls you to it, go do it. Or; do the thing you only get to do- once.

♦Caregivers:  ….And that’s how a dozen of us all swarmed in at my Sister-in-Law’s house {twice} recently.  There was cooking, cleaning, crying and compassion; dovetailed with lots of laundry, laughter and memories.  (A Pale Horse… Pt 2 here)

… And that’s what we have to hang onto, Friends and Confidantes. – Grandma Auburn




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So This Is How Grandma Gets ‘Volunteered’

Fall leaves. Carmel, IN - 2012 jsm.
Fall leaves. Carmel, IN – 2012 jsm

A couple weeks ago: My daughter (RT) had a conversation with granddaughter (Z).  They had the exchange {below}… Trying to explain to her that I was taking her to a Festival in Rockville, IN

First :

  • Z – “I want to go see Grandma.”
  • RT – “This weekend.”
  • Z – Where are we going?”
  • RT – “The Covered Bridge Festival.”
  • Z – “Where?”
  • RT – “Rockville, I think.”
  • Z – “Rockwell? I want to see Rockwell.”
  • RT – “Z. No. RockVILLE. RockWELL is where the Aliens are.”
  • Z – “I want to go see Aliens with Grandma!”
  • RT – “When you’re old enough.”
  • Z – “When will I be old enough?”
  • RT – “I don’t know, like 14.”
  • Z – “So when I’m 14 Grandma will take me to see the Aliens?”
  • RT – “Sure.”
  • Then RT – to me: “Guess you just got signed up to go to Rockwell in 10 years HAHAHA!

My REPLY:  [Laughing!  I have tears rolling down my face at this point] “IT’S ROSWELL!” [and I’ll be 60!]

Signed – Grandma Auburn- Wait… What? #howdthathappen    0.o

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And A Lively Harmonica Ballad

book composition flute music
Photo by Pixabay on

Took a drive out to my daughter’s place a couple weekends ago. 4 year old granddaughter “Z” -flies around the kitchen in the bat mask I brought. (Grandma Auburn always brings something!) Took a few blurry pictures. I admire her Apple Festival haul, too. Then she finds her harmonica and it’s “Gramma watch!   Gramma listen!”   “GRA-MMA Come ON!”

And I do… prancing and dancing (more or less) behind my miniature pied piper. Through the halls of the old farmhouse. Hopping over the resting pitbull. (Who has heard it all before; and IN FACT has accompanied us with a flute in her collar.)

We queue up Blues Traveler (John Popper). Cast it to the TV and she’s THERE in her own musical crazy-ness!  I was swept up in the moment and began to sing along…

And then, “Gramma, stop singing when I play the ‘monica. OK?”

In my head: You little rascal. I knew this song before you were born….

And I shut up;  ’cause the little musician said so  😉 Grandma Auburn needed a break anyway, whew!  -30-

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Gardening, Flat Surfaces and Pain

For two days there’s been much fun chaos at the tiny trailer. Playing with buckets of bubbles watering the flower & veggie gardens and babysitting Grandchildren. They left Monday afternoon.

When the kids left:  Every surface was wiped, each toy part, craft piece shoved away, carpets were swept etc… However, Somewhere in the following night, I tripped over poorly stacked, trained[!] attack toys; and bruised three toes. My fault entirely :-/

Toys, puzzles, games and plastic-odd shaped bits are not truly put away if they are puking out of a bin a dark hallway. I stopped kidding myself! At it’s core- the act of cleaning means ANY Flat Surface: desk top, counter top, and floors, too. Framed pics leaning against a dresser, next to a catch-all box …Where the vacuum hasn’t reached baseboards since move in day….

Well Friends and Confidantes, if pain is the catalyst for Accomplishment, mark it DUN! Ha! There’s more room to walk in the TinyTrailer today! Please Like and follow for more misadventures. In outdoor adventures –>  limping slightly while tending flowers! #ilovemossroses