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Go Your Own Way

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Grown Daughter, “RT” wants me to add some more of our text conversations. I’m kinda proud she thinks they’re worthy.  Here’s the first one. “Grandma Gets Volunteered.”

->While watching part of a replay of the 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)

  • Me: “When I turn 50, I’m gonna start dressin’ like Stevie Nicks.”
  • RT:  “I’ve been waiting 5 years to hear you say that, Mom.” :-O
  • -I think to my
    cat tee shirt, cats eyes, artist tee shirt
    “Arts & Cats”

    self, “That’s only ’cause you watched AHS.”

Grandma Auburn – Goin’ her own way for a few decades. {Takin’ the next generation along for the ride…}

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Flashback: Foraging Morels -Indiana


morels RenTiff Papa.jpgmorels on table.jpg

Picture: LaPorte County – Circa 1997 My Dad teaching shroom hunting to my daughter, the ginger, and her BFF.  – Now at 85, ‘Papa’ will soon be teaching his great-granddaughter as well.

  • Cut ’em; don’t pull ’em
  • carry a mesh bag
  • toss the paper bag back in the woods
  • soak ’em in salt water

#oldfarmers #shrooms #foraging #traditions #Indiana

Picture 2: Last year- my sister took our Dad. 2018 – Hendricks County, IN.

Northern IN, I think, is much better hunting ground than Central Indiana. – Grandma Auburn #greys #teachtheoldways

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Moving! Pt 3- Hypothetical Homesteading

How can we plan for retirement with very little savings; and get our homestead sooner?

SO HERE’S THE GRAND PLAN {HA! as if those ever worked out…}

Also! “How we saved the Down Payment in two years”

  • Vibrant Rose
    Almost time to plant!

    $75k Budget for HOMESTEAD over 18-24 months.

  1. Spring 2019
  2. $5-6k- Used truck
  3. $27-33k- Raw Land- (+/- 2 acres)
  4. July/August
  5. $8k- Used Travel Trailer
  6. MOVE onto land
  7. $500/mo. Savings!!
  8. Autumn ’19
  9. $2-3k- DIY Shed, Generator, Wood stove, Livestock/Garden prep.
  10. Spring/Summer 2020
  11. $10k- Well/septic/block foundation/electric hook up/permits etc.
  12. Autumn 2020
  13. $12-18k- Used Single wide MH 3bd/2bth {actually bigger than what I have now!}

After extensive research: we nixed the notion of a Pre-fab cabin, yurt

viewfromthetruck falltrees-jsm

or modular kit as a year-round residence. A tiny house under 400sf would suck long term. We lived 2 yrs on the truck… just ask me anything about teeeeny living... O.o

Prefab Kit builds over 600sf: Adding any electrical, plumbing, etc. is pricey. Though we’re still considering a tiny ‘something’ as a guest room or AirBnB, but not for a couple years.

Manufactured Homes: Why yes! I have spent weeks researching every tidbit. Craigslist. LandWatch. AutoTrader and RVTrader. Finally, we found one used MH dealer (by state). ALSO Factory Direct.


A pot of turkey hash feeds a big family.

Land Loans {and/or rolled into a  ‘Land/Home’ next year}: Most require 20% down payment. Pre-Approved is not the same as Pre-Qualified. 

  • Baseline figures: 20% x $33,000=$6,600.
  • Down payment:
    • [1 year: $132.00 x 50 weeks]
    • [2 years: $66.00 x 100 weeks]
  • OUR 2 year method: $50 weekly; [Feb. 2017-2019]
    • then added: bonuses, overtime, tax returns.
  • Top money saving tips:
    • Write out a budget. Say “no more stuff.” Repeat often.
    • Secondhand only, DIY or do without.
    • Plan less trips to the store. Plan meals around sales.
    • Get a side gig. Use your skills.
      • Upwork, Thumbtack or Taskrabbit
      • Or find free courses to learn new skills.
      • [I walk dogs and Mturk in between writing & merch]

OUR #1 prerequisite for all of this — It all must be paid for in 8 years. Hubby retires in 10. Thus why we’re doing this in increments, and saving additional money by holding over this winter [and budgeted for] a travel trailer.

Other considerations: Grid-tied for health reasons. Yet enough land to sustain a simple, back-to-basics lifestyle. Close to our jobs. Close to daughter’s family AND close to my Dad. Must have trees and a good stretch between neighbors. 😀

Frugal now; peace of mind later, Friends and Confidantes – Grandma Auburn

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I was raised by a 50’s housewife

(… in the 70’s.)  Subtitled: How I raised a more-or-less-well adjusted child in the 90’s 😉

Pondering the past few days on how US society has changed since the 50’s. (Watched a few documentaries.)

The Radio was my parents’ only entertainment and news. (Though Dad also bought Bel-Air brand new -when he was 20) They saw war and were without. Then came Black & White TV sitcoms & commercials. The wife whirling around in her new Whirlpool kitchen, making dinner pressing clothes, etc. (Redneck history lesson HA!)

antique crumpled crumpled paper dirty
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I was born later in my parents lives; so I grew up in the 70’s/80’s. As a pre-teen, I was acutely aware of the 60’s kids vs. what was thought of as still ‘proper.’ Yet growing up in the country, it hardly mattered. As a child, I asked about ‘old timey’ things and my only ‘cultural experience’ was American Band Stand and Soul Train. Don’t laugh! I wanted to marry Grizzly Adams or Kwai Chang Caine {or Jodie Foster.}

Fast forward to the 90’s: Desert Storm started while I was pregnant. Oprah helped me with sage advice, every day at 4 o’ clock. She taught me that I could be a strong person. Raise a strong daughter, no matter how I was raised. Pick my battles. {Purple hair wasn’t one of ’em… curfew, low grades and partying was.} I was, and still am- one of those ‘explaining type moms’… but every once in a while, I’ll admit I’d slam a chair down for emphasis. Never hit her, though. Because from generation to generation, that needed changing.

I taught her to be curious and courteous. Be a friend. Harm none. Seek out other like-minded personalities. Listen in earnest. Don’t shun anyone. Know you can be on your own.

I let her be silly and serious and ‘talk it out.’ Go with friends to this church and to the dance with another. March for a cause. Pause between boyfriends. [the ‘sex talk’ was hilarious] Also- NOT drive like your father when he gets cut off’. And finally… Be weird on a budget!

That’s all I got tonight. If this post wasn’t what you thought it was going to be – ME neither! Sometimes it happens that way. It’s been a long day. My daughter is teaching me Instagram. I guess ya don’t just add water. HA! Night. Gma.

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A Pale Horse, Candid Cousins, Crepe Hangers and Charismatic Preachers Pt 2

Last week… (Life, Grief and Caregivers – Pt 1 here)

We held 2 memorial services for my Mother-in-law.


The Understatement of the Week: “It’s difficult to deal with others’ raw emotions, when yours are equally raw.”

Most Apropos Quote of the Week: “What you think of me is none of my business.”

Best Reminder of the Week: “Strive to understand and uplift those around you.”

The Most Important Take-Away of the Week: “Grieve your way. Neither judgement nor forgiveness are necessary.”

Most Humbling thought of the Week: Face-to-Face… “Fellowship and story-telling are equally innate/intimate/intimidating human needs.”

Archaic Term of the Week: “Crepe Hangers{My grandmother used the term.}

… And somehow, Friends and Confidantes, we all got through it for the most part.

We are grateful for having had them in our lives; and honor them by being a better version of ourselves, going forward.Grandma Auburn