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New Products and Designs for Fall with Free Shipping!

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  • More Hoodies and Sweatshirts. Kids’ and babies’ Designs.

HIKE Trails Hoodie

HIKE Trails Hoodie

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Gma Auburn {Jen}

Womens HALLOWEEN Sleeveless 

Arts andCats Update Womens

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Kids Fishbowl Design or…. Baby Halloween Onsie

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Writing, Baking and Free Shipping

2 days only- Free Shipping Code Below!– Storewide (Save on early  Holiday gifts, too!U.S. only Ends Friday [10/19/18]

Sizes up to 3XL -flowy women’s style.

Free Shipping CODE: SPOOKY18   **Please allow additional 9 – 16 business days for standard shipping. Expedited or Rush shipping may be available depending upon the product(s) selected and the destination. 

Ends soon! – US only. Free Shipping- Click or enter CODE: SPOOKY18 – Tapestries, Phone Cases. Gifts for Teens & Grandparents!

Thank you so much for browsing Grandma Auburn’s Emporium. #earlychristmasshopping

WRITING NEWS: We lost internet 2 weeks ago Monday, for 5 days at the SAME time hubby’s work car broke down. So he’s been taking my van. OMG no wifi 😦 –  no wheels…. So There’s 15 blog post drafts to upload here.  The creativity has been growing and flowing steadily.

AND I WROTE A COOKBOOK!!   In 5 day’s time, I cranked out the first draft and typeset some of the 2nd. [Writer’s confession: this has been 30 years in the making. But that’s a story saved for another time.]

Spectrum fixed the wifi (mostly)! YAY! The draft-writing continues. 

Updates here as the  Oven-based, Winter Cookbook progresses. I’m starting to upload Free recipes here a few times weekly- for the cook in your house! My daughter helping in several ways, including baking, research and designing the COVER.

Thanks for reading this far  Find a Free Recipe HERE! Roast Acorn Squash- with variations.

If you’re looking to spend less time shopping, lower grocery bills this winter, and serve picky kids more wholesome, home-baked meals–  I’d like to help make your busy life a little easier  – Grandma Auburn


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Grandchildren are my Muse

Grandma Auburn is here to tell y’all that Redheads are NOT going extinct; but everything else you’ve heard – is true ;-D They run rampant {HA!} on both hubby’s and my side. He and I both have shades of red hair. Mine the darker, bronze-ish. Our Daughter represents in both shade and personality; granddaughter got the curly, orange-red. Temper-Check!  Creative-Check!  Sensitive-Check!  Sunblock-Check! [Somebody even wrote a school paper about our red-head DNA]

Nature/Nurture: Read previous posts (tags) and you’ll see I have to have nature. I’m also all about helping raise the youngest generation. So-oo the creativity in me occasionally mesh the two.  I. Am. pleased with the results; and these designs make my heart smile. Just like my grandkids do!

Friends and Confidantes. If You have a redhead or a grandchild in your life, you know we are all the richer for that connection.  –>Each shirt has a bit of personality peekin’ thru.  –   FLOWER GIRL   MOUSE FACE

Thanks for stopping by today! Happy 4th America! AND from one scarred redhead to the rest of the world:  “Remember the sunblock!”  – Gma Auburn

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Spring Cleaning the Tiny Kitchen

Per last post, you’ll know that the Cleanin’ Bug bit me

An hour’s worth of organization happened in the Tiny Kitchen today. Scrubbed some baseboards, even. Hubby was due home a tad earlier than usual, so I took a break! HA! 😉 Roughly thirty percent of the kitchen stuff is more accessible now, better flow – Feel that fresh Energy? *~*~*~Claim your spaces, Friends and Confidantes, even if it’s one corner at a time.

Tiny Tips of the Day: 1. Switch cupboards (top to bottom) for seasonal small appliances (holiday baking/canning) and over sized utensils. 2. Downsize your canisters, coffee maker, crock pot. 3. Re-purpose a tall, narrow bookshelf to store canned goods.

In The Creative Dept: My FIRST BABY DESIGN has launched! YaY! “Summer Baby!” in 8 colors –> And For {soon-to-be} New MOMS –> Here is a Hippy Heart Mug for Mom . Free shipping code expires soon – SPRING18 (rush shipping is available) Follow me for more tips & creativity {And Father’s Day Specials}– Browse Grandma Auburn’s Emporium here

Baby Swimwear, Birthday Tee shirt, Toddler Tee, Baby Shower Gift