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Flashback: Foraging Morels -Indiana


morels RenTiff Papa.jpgmorels on table.jpg

Picture: LaPorte County – Circa 1997 My Dad teaching shroom hunting to my daughter, the ginger, and her BFF.  – Now at 85, ‘Papa’ will soon be teaching his great-granddaughter as well.

  • Cut ’em; don’t pull ’em
  • carry a mesh bag
  • toss the paper bag back in the woods
  • soak ’em in salt water

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Picture 2: Last year- my sister took our Dad. 2018 – Hendricks County, IN.

Northern IN, I think, is much better hunting ground than Central Indiana. – Grandma Auburn #greys #teachtheoldways

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View from the Truck- Texas Pics and Stories Pt 3

viewfromthetruck TX cool rig gun

Picture: NOT our truck. Obviously an Owner/Op. This is amazing!!!!

[Driver! Drop me a note, I’ll give you & the designer a link & credit.]

Texas is another state where you’ll know every shrub, wild hog and border patrol SUV across 2 days… goin’ the long way. Goin’ the short way – You’ll wind up in a Laredo Terminal somewhere along that insane highway. Or El Paso – I loved El Paso – the song, Marty Robbins. I sang it over the CB as we passed through.  {Rig life gets boring sometimes! HA!}

Texas also has windstorms and glow-in-the-dark baby scorpions. Had to step on one WHILE taking out the garbage AND walking the dog – during one ‘sand-stinging’ night.

Texas has Nightingale birds. They are quite the loud orchestra in the Flying J Truck plazas. In every tree, picking trash. They’re gorgeous in the sunshine, plus they pick the dead bugs out of the truck grills.


Forth Worth STRANDED: After being towed one morning to a Freightliner dealership. For 9 hours. {Dispatch changes shifts, of course; so by 5pm, I’m repeating myself.} We’re in the trucker lounge with pets and gear. It’s pouring rain when the place closes. Still no motel booked for us. We stand, then, for 2 more hours under the garage awning… Several heated phone calls later – the first taxi passes us by – and leaves.  Another hour later a second taxi pulls up and the driver FREAKS OUT because we have pets. Almost pulls away. We tell him they are leashed, don’t bite and we’ll hold them on our laps. He agreed! WHEW! — It was a 12 hour trucker day, and we didn’t make a dime. –Grandma Auburn – #truckingfacts 


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View from the Truck Pictures Louisiana pt. 2

viewfromthetruckBRIDGE1Some pictures I’ll go back an tag, as I don’t recall the place right off the bat. However, I can tell you Louisiana is unmistakable. The flooding” August 2016 – We took a load of generators in to the relief effort. #proudtruckingmoments

Also – Truckers love their food! And when I finally got a salad made the way I asked, I took to a pic! [and gave them a nice online review.]


All images © Grandma Auburn/jsm

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View from the Truck- Pictures pt. 1

Samantha - our navigator - says "100 miles to Indy!" YAYA bit of background. My husband drove 53ft dry van OTR [Over The Road] for two years. [This was the second time for him. I stayed home the first time to raise our daughter.] We put everything in storage and I rode shotgun. I didn’t drive, but he called me his ‘Nag-a-vator” [instead of navigator! HA!]  And I learned real quick how to stand outside the truck and back him into a spot; without getting run over.

We came back roughly every 4 weeks- for 3 days. Homebase was my Dad’s back porch. Those were some trying times. But we had some good adventures, too.

I have so many pictures and stories from around the USA… I thought maybe you’d like to see my scrapbook. PS: If you are contemplating trucking as a career and want some ‘no nonsense’ guidance, feel free to ask me in the comments. Also, the forums on is a good start.  #truckerswife Trucking for 15 years.

Thanks for stopping by today, friends and confidantes- Get used to seeing that side view mirror –oh, and cats ears, too!- Grandma Auburn

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I was raised by a 50’s housewife

(… in the 70’s.)  Subtitled: How I raised a more-or-less-well adjusted child in the 90’s 😉

Pondering the past few days on how US society has changed since the 50’s. (Watched a few documentaries.)

The Radio was my parents’ only entertainment and news. (Though Dad also bought Bel-Air brand new -when he was 20) They saw war and were without. Then came Black & White TV sitcoms & commercials. The wife whirling around in her new Whirlpool kitchen, making dinner pressing clothes, etc. (Redneck history lesson HA!)

antique crumpled crumpled paper dirty
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

I was born later in my parents lives; so I grew up in the 70’s/80’s. As a pre-teen, I was acutely aware of the 60’s kids vs. what was thought of as still ‘proper.’ Yet growing up in the country, it hardly mattered. As a child, I asked about ‘old timey’ things and my only ‘cultural experience’ was American Band Stand and Soul Train. Don’t laugh! I wanted to marry Grizzly Adams or Kwai Chang Caine {or Jodie Foster.}

Fast forward to the 90’s: Desert Storm started while I was pregnant. Oprah helped me with sage advice, every day at 4 o’ clock. She taught me that I could be a strong person. Raise a strong daughter, no matter how I was raised. Pick my battles. {Purple hair wasn’t one of ’em… curfew, low grades and partying was.} I was, and still am- one of those ‘explaining type moms’… but every once in a while, I’ll admit I’d slam a chair down for emphasis. Never hit her, though. Because from generation to generation, that needed changing.

I taught her to be curious and courteous. Be a friend. Harm none. Seek out other like-minded personalities. Listen in earnest. Don’t shun anyone. Know you can be on your own.

I let her be silly and serious and ‘talk it out.’ Go with friends to this church and to the dance with another. March for a cause. Pause between boyfriends. [the ‘sex talk’ was hilarious] Also- NOT drive like your father when he gets cut off’. And finally… Be weird on a budget!

That’s all I got tonight. If this post wasn’t what you thought it was going to be – ME neither! Sometimes it happens that way. It’s been a long day. My daughter is teaching me Instagram. I guess ya don’t just add water. HA! Night. Gma.