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View from the Truck- Pictures pt. 1

Samantha - our navigator - says "100 miles to Indy!" YAYA bit of background. My husband drove 53ft dry van OTR [Over The Road] for two years. [This was the second time for him. I stayed home the first time to raise our daughter.] We put everything in storage and I rode shotgun. I didn’t drive, but he called me his ‘Nag-a-vator” [instead of navigator! HA!]  And I learned real quick how to stand outside the truck and back him into a spot; without getting run over.

We came back roughly every 4 weeks- for 3 days. Homebase was my Dad’s back porch. Those were some trying times. But we had some good adventures, too.

I have so many pictures and stories from around the USA… I thought maybe you’d like to see my scrapbook. PS: If you are contemplating trucking as a career and want some ‘no nonsense’ guidance, feel free to ask me in the comments. Also, the forums on is a good start.  #truckerswife Trucking for 15 years.

Thanks for stopping by today, friends and confidantes- Get used to seeing that side view mirror –oh, and cats ears, too!- Grandma Auburn

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Wandering the Overgrown Paths

Got a little tangled up on the various paths lately. Both near and far. Into nature and back again. Chatted with flora and fauna. Petted geodes.

But didn’t listen enough. Wasn’t still enough. I could have done better at doing nothing. A thimble of clarity came later.

Sometimes we aren’t ready to absorb the answers, Friends and Confidantes. ’till we’re quiet enough to decipher the whisper. – Grandma Auburn –  -> Summer Solstice Celebration here: SUMMER18 for Free shipping in The Emporium “Arts & Cats” craft lover t-shirt. Cat’s eyes, women’s sleeveless T-Shirt.

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Overload and Downtime

Have I been pushin’ myself too hard or did I catch a bug?  Probably a wee bit of both.

Tues-Wed night I finished one design, [checking off one goal from last week] fiddled with another, but wasn’t productive after 10pm. Wed. morning, I got sick early on. Queazy/blurry vision all day. I’m sure it was a combo of dehydration and overdoing ‘it’ for the last few weeks.

Nothing seems to go right when I’m ill. Phone calls, uploads, chores, errands all ground to a halt for 24 hours.

Thurdsay was better. Chauffeured for hours, and brainstormed online careers moves with my grown daughter. (I have 1 daughter, 1 granddaughter and 2 part-time step-grandsons – in case anyone was tryin’ to keep track )

So, Friends and Confidants, among all the other obligations, Make certain you are taking care of YOU!  Also -Have fun on unplanned adventures!  ...As an introvert, I need reminding… This weekend is my birthday! Yay!  My soul is crying out for nature, so it’s time TO GO…. “Gone Primitive” Women’s Slouchy Tee!

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Overnights with the Grandchild

So, sometimes I let myself get roped into “another night at Grandma’s house.”  Yup. It’s the ‘consecutive play-days’ that cause all my arthritic anatomy to pitch a fit. For 3 days after the car-wave goodbye.

Nothing like her Mom. Speaking of both grand kid and myself. 3 very different generations of red-heads.

This wee toddler- 3.5 year old asksandasksandasks to know what everything IS, DOES, AND WHO IT BELONGS TO. She will trash this tiny trailer with learning material in two hours or less with all the imagination of a highly intelligent Border Collie pup {Ha!}… (usually 9 out of 10 visits, we’re at the stove cooking eggs within the first 90 minutes.)

But not Friday … She got sick; earache etc…. didn’t even wanna pick dandelions with me, and that was kinda odd.  There was a 3:30am run for meds.  Saturday, she recovered except for sniffles so there was much running and we pretended to be Flyin’ Birds in the yard – with daffodil petals she yanked to make our wings.

Her mom picked her up last evening. Today, our Tiny Trailer smells like muscle cream and looks like somebody drove a herd of sheep down Sesame Street!

Also…  DING! Let the Yard-Sales begin in Indiana. I got an entire bagged set of alphabet puzzle mats – minus the N insert! Grandma SCORE!! And you know the Vintage mixers that never die?? Yup! Daughter got her wedding pressie early.

Spruce Up Your TinyTrailer with Tapestries! RV Hobo Deco

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