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Everything, all at once – Hitting the Wall

Overwhelmed for a minute, or a month. Feel free to grab a beverage.  So, I haven’t told y’all that my daughter is getting married for the 2nd time; this weekend. Of course there will be consecutive overnights with the grandchild. Plus – There’s been an Aldi’s run, as the mother-of-the-bride is doin’ the food picnic-style 30 people. Add in the logistics of getting the young, the elderly and the food all transported to the location… I don’t just have ‘a list’ going, oh no! The last few days has spawned 4 other lists I’m trying to keep track of! :-X

Yesterday: Hubby’s Doctor Visit + Health Stuff = Job Stress. Other mundane & pressing things will add up. Until the middle of June. {and there WILL be camping, probably.}

Still carving out the time to learn a new program for my designs. 0.o  That’s meant getting up an hour earlier/going to bed an hour later for the past 5 days. I’m too tired to tell if my quota has suffered, or not… but I’m feeling that ‘wall‘ getting closer, faster.

Some tiny triumphs as well. Ongoing, tiny milestones ARE progressing! I’ve blogged about some, and there are others that need  tweaked before “unveiling.” *wink*.

So Friends and Confidantes- In honor of Wedding Season and my daughter, I’m unveiling “Got Hitched”  😉  A selection of colors and sizes to pick a pair of Newly Weds Camping tee shirts.  (super rush shipping is still available today, if you want it for Mother’s Day)


Spruce Up Your TinyTrailer with Tapestries! RV Hobo Deco

Lightweight, easy to hang or store away. Several sizes to choose from. Grab matching throw pillows to brighten your RV 😉

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If you’re reading this in the summer, grab the latest code FROM THE SIDEBAR OVER THERE —>>>       or on my FB page.  There will soon be an Instagram page (account?) too! So stay tuned for more exciting news. Let me know what’s your favorite Social Media Platform. I’m so old school, I used to compose flyers to put on everyone’s’ windshield before there WAS internet (back then it was legal… and my Mom owned the printshop) And I actually had to write snail mail to get submission guidelines for magazines & greeting card places.  I even blogged adverts for paysites on Blogger over a dozen years ago. …. –>> and then there was a massage career tossed in because the Universe thought that was an amazing path to put me on… and now… well, my granddaughter can navigate my tablet better than I can on a good day. HA!

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Yellow Rose Tapestry, Flag, Pillow, Poster or Iphone Case Exclusive designs only at: Grandma Auburn’s Emporium on TeeSpring.   Grab the CODE: SPRING18