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Thrifty People, The Holiday Edition

This is just one of the recipes in my upcoming cookbook.
Cheesy! With a ‘kinda’ homemade crust. I experimented with sliced zucchini to make red & green Christmas colors.

Before the winter bills and holiday gatherings start sucking the life out of your wallet, here are 10 tips to plan ahead and save time and headaches in the months ahead… oh, and money for groceries! – part 1

  1. Start an ongoing holiday gift list NOW. Find out who’s selling what- near you.  Try OfferUp or LetGO apps (enter your location, etc.) Find A “Buy, Sell, Trade” Facebook group for your county. Look for items around your house to sell or donate.
  2.  Set a (bi)weekly spending limit and/or sales goal. {Recent scores: 2 non-stick muffin tins, and a Weeble Farm set from the 70’s was a road-side pick-up!}
  3. WATCH & WAIT- for gently used households goods at the local thrift stores.  They may have 1/2 Off Day, discounts in certain departments, or give an extra $5 during your birthday month. Spruce up the holiday table: Glass bakeware, gold-rimmed serving trays. and vintage stemware 😉
  4. One or more of these: search coupon codes or sale flyers. Use a grocery store app.  Compare prices to distance traveled and time spent.  {The goals include: Fewer stores, less trips. Less food waste. Less money spent on take-out. Save money while buying a ‘stash‘ of extra ingredients on sale}
  5. Start a ‘Master’ grocery list NOW for ingredients you use regularly (and holidays) that can be stored for 3-10 months in the pantry or freezer. THIS is the list to work from when comparing flyers, or coupons. It will help with meal ideas, too.
  6. Start small, just a few extra dollars or items. {These are examples of some staples to keep… based on sales (or Aldi and similar stores) in your area! – Week 1. buy an extra pack of chicken quarters. In 2 weeks, pick up a 2nd box of baking mix and crackers plus a few bags of frozen veggies. Week 3. Extra flat of canned goods: chicken & mushroom soups, a variety of beans, fruits, etc. Week 4 Dairy, eggs and bread.}
  7. Create more meals at home. Tomato pie (pictured above). Chicken and dumplings, beef stew. Baked cabbage or breakfast for dinner.  It’s your kitchen. Shoot for having something assembled and in the oven in 20 minutes.
  8. More meal-time oven baking... this winter it will help heat your house at the same time.
  9. Rearrange cupboards. The things you use most should be near and accessible. Purge cookware, plates, pans, etc. with scratches or chips. Countertop appliances and specialty gadgets need sorting. Leave an open shelf or pantry space to store the extra ‘stash’ food accumulated in #4.
  10. Repair or replace outdated, inefficient appliances. Some power companies will pay YOU, AND haul it away. [ours said $50 for an old fridge]

Plan and practice in a few areas. It doesn’t take long to find a kitchen rhythm that works for you.  —Grandma Auburn-–  Part 2 (re: appliances) Is Here: Winter Home maintenance tips;  add ‘life’ to your purchases  

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Put the ‘Bi’ in Polar


If you’ve never experienced the part where depression meets anxiety, meets manic cleaning… it’s kinda like on the old TV show ‘Malcolm in the Middle,’ where Dewey is scrubbing the bathroom floor along side the German[?] lady. He says his knees are beginning to bleed; and the German lady enthusiastically commends him and says it’s great work to do penance. Or some such.

What’s worse than being unmedicated for a very long time, Friends and Confidantes? Calling a new doctor, so they can ‘start finding what works.” – good grief #unamused #alittlescared- Gma Auburn  Picture 07/2018 – Central Indiana “Naked Lady”> Back Porch.

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Your Own Company

Haven’t been around in a hot minute. 3 people on the internet missed me. HA! That’s OK, I like my own company. And sometimes one must weed out the company one keeps.

“…The forest for the trees”

In the last 2 weeks I’ve “taken control of the scroll.” On FB {and across life in general}: Unfriended some old acquaintances, peeps who’s purpose is politics, the ones who whine, and 2 dozen others for varied reasons….  Well now, that’s MUCH better. (from 125 ish to 65 ish friends) Pitched a lil bitch. Deleted it. Felt good- Ha!

A Crisis on Unnamed Side Roads: I’m not quite up to par yet, from life giving me a swift kick in the gut recently, either. Exhaustion has crept in- bone deep. No work.  Little food. Strength comes back slowly.   Mending.

Dig in with all fours, Friends and Confidantes – sometimes those forest roads are slippery.  – Gma Auburn, staying true

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Gardening, Flat Surfaces and Pain

For two days there’s been much fun chaos at the tiny trailer. Playing with buckets of bubbles watering the flower & veggie gardens and babysitting Grandchildren. They left Monday afternoon.

When the kids left:  Every surface was wiped, each toy part, craft piece shoved away, carpets were swept etc… However, Somewhere in the following night, I tripped over poorly stacked, trained[!] attack toys; and bruised three toes. My fault entirely :-/

Toys, puzzles, games and plastic-odd shaped bits are not truly put away if they are puking out of a bin a dark hallway. I stopped kidding myself! At it’s core- the act of cleaning means ANY Flat Surface: desk top, counter top, and floors, too. Framed pics leaning against a dresser, next to a catch-all box …Where the vacuum hasn’t reached baseboards since move in day….

Well Friends and Confidantes, if pain is the catalyst for Accomplishment, mark it DUN! Ha! There’s more room to walk in the TinyTrailer today! Please Like and follow for more misadventures. In outdoor adventures –>  limping slightly while tending flowers! #ilovemossroses



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It’s Own Sweet Time

A life lesson full circle. Several months ago, I put it out to the Universe and a chosen few in my Professional Massage Therapists Group; that I’d like someone to take over the group as acting admin. Built it from scratch eight years ago. It morphed to 850+ members. It was a passionate, decade-long, therapeutic career that I dearly loved.

But my need to step away from the group has been brewin’ for a while. Winding down. I wrote obtuse, anxious words previously here and here. And then I waited and listened.

For four months… And I was surprisingly patient. Finally – bein’ this old has it’s perks 😉  A few close friends and family knew. Listened to me whine, be prideful, confused and sad. Letting go of control came in stages.  I didn’t want to archive the group. It’s strong and vocal. Didn’t want to link it to anything/one else.- It’s independent, dangit! So I searched posts and profiles. Someone I thought could take the group to a level above.  My answers came a few nights ago: two members agreed by private message. They are capable, trusted MTs and business owners. Mad respect for both.  Relief! I am confident and pleased with ‘the hand-off’ of the group. A weight has lifted.

I’m still a ‘silent partner,’ and massage will always be at my fingertips, Friends and Confidantes. ;-D  But it’s time to shine light on a new era here at the TinyTrailer…

**The creativity  is ramping up! Grandma Auburn Designs –> for Back-to-School kids’ tees and seasonal gifts.   Please like and follow to see the latest musings, recipes, reviews, original designs, guests and adventures with grandkids!

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