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It’s Own Sweet Time

A life lesson full circle. Several months ago, I put it out to the Universe and a chosen few in my Professional Massage Therapists Group; that I’d like someone to take over the group as acting admin. Built it from scratch eight years ago. It morphed to 850+ members. It was a passionate, decade-long, therapeutic career that I dearly loved.

But my need to step away from the group has been brewin’ for a while. Winding down. I wrote obtuse, anxious words previously here and here. And then I waited and listened.

For four months… And I was surprisingly patient. Finally – bein’ this old has it’s perks ūüėȬ†¬†A few close friends and family knew. Listened to me whine, be prideful, confused and sad. Letting go of control came in stages.¬† I didn’t want to archive the group. It’s strong and vocal. Didn’t want to link it to anything/one else.- It’s independent, dangit! So I searched posts and profiles. Someone I thought could take the group to a level above. ¬†My answers came a few nights ago: two members agreed by private message. They are capable, trusted MTs and business owners. Mad respect for both.¬†¬†Relief! I am confident and pleased with ‘the hand-off’ of the group. A weight has lifted.

I’m still a ‘silent partner,’ and massage will always be at my fingertips, Friends and Confidantes. ;-D¬† But it’s time to shine light on a new era here at the TinyTrailer…

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Pantry Staples Everyone Needs

  • It’s lengthy, but mostly bullet points! ¬†(Availability, Price, and Size may vary by location and taste preferences!)
  • Fake taters ie Instant Spuds
  • Crackers (Saltines, Club, etc)
  • Cereal – Cold and Hot
  • Noodles & Rice (All Varieties)
  • Pouches of rice and pasta side dishes, too.
  • Cans Green Beans (Kidney, Lima, Chick Peas, Butter, String, Black, refried etc){Protein!} Also- Dry Beans
  • Cans (yellow) Squash {Yes!}
  • Mushrooms, Okra
  • Cans Leafy Greens (Kale, Collard, Spinach)
  • Black Olives (Jars: Green, Stuffed etc)
  • Pumpkin!¬† Tomatoes (sauce, paste etc)
  • Peas, Corn, Carrots and any Soups
  • Fruit {in juice, not syrup} (pick family favorites)
  • cans, bouillon, or boxed: Broth- (homemade or low sodium and veggie)
  • Cans MEAT: (or pouches: Tuna, Pork, Roast Beef, Ham, Chicken, Oysters etc.)
  • [salt content warning!- drain & rinse when possible}
  • GLASS JARS & bottles
  • Roasted Red Peppers
  • Asparagus
  • Gravy (Sausage, Turkey, Beef)
  • Sauces (Alfredo, Garlic, BBQ, Cream or marinades)
  • Homemade Canned Jars (salsa, pickles)
  • Flour (all purpose, self rising, cricket, etc)
  • Sugar (White, Brown, Raw) Baking Soda & Powder
  • Shortening, oils, Cornmeal
  • Other sweeteners: Honey, Applesauce, Bananas)
  • Salt pepper, soy, Worcestershire, Mrs. No-Salt Blends, Seafood seasoning,
  • Vinegar, croutons, breadcrumbs, Italian spice blends, Vanilla, taco spices
  • Nutmeg, Cinnamon, onion & garlic powder, celery salt.
  • Nuts & Seeds, Peanut Butter, Powdered milk & Non-dairy creamers
  • REAL Butter [1 wk depend on temps}
  • Raisins/dried fruit, Maple Syrup, Coffee, Tea, Juices
  • assorted Condiments, lemons
  • FRUIT & VEGGIE BIN (Or bowl on the table)
  • **Farmers Market Alert-no refrigeration¬†required for some produce-
  • IF they weren’t previously refrigerated-
  • Potatoes (All Varieties)
  • Onions, Garlic, Carrots
  • Cabbage, Cucumbers (bruise easily), Celery
  • Squash (Summer & Winter, Acorn, Zucchini)
  • Avocados (fickle)
  • Broccoli, Cauliflower
  • Apples, Pears, Citrus Fruit
  • Berries (Also fickle), Bananas
  • Melons, Kiwi
  • BREADS- (various shelf lives)
  • Tortillas, flat breads
  • Breakfast Breads
  • Grain Breads
  • Biscuits, Buns & Dinner Rolls
  • All Purpose Baking Mix- for “homemade-ish”¬† (pizza crust) and/or Pancake mix

Cheeses & dairy are omitted. Please read labels for salt & nutrition. Remember to seal, cover & refrigerate; or bag and freeze opened, unused products.

There are endless quick, budget friendly -menus here. No particular diet.¬† ¬†Basics – A wide range of Family meals: filling, and varied– Less eating out!! I’ll be adding many of my own quick recipes soon; building on these pantry staples.

Thanks for stopping by, Friends and Confidantes! Have a particular pantry favorite you’d like to see added? Please comment!¬† Needs gifts for loved ones? Visit Grandma Auburn’s Emporium

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Quick Cleaning Tips for Neglected Areas

¬†It’s been¬†18 months since we’ve lived on a semi truck. All our ‘stuff’ was in storage for 2 years. Half of it is still here at the TinyTrailer. Bins in corners, etc.¬† I’ve sorted, purged, SHIFTED, and re-boxed, but finally It’s almost¬†finished!¬†

Got stuck, stagnant¬† stuff??¬†¬†¬†Dealing with¬†disorganization due to closets (or no closets) full of kids’ outgrown clothes/toys? Is it a home or a dorm? Nearing retirement?(pick me!) Ready to part with decades of accumulation and take up a hobby on the porch?

Friends and Confidantes, Do the small things that lead to bigger things. {Like having a weekend with family & fun without chores, exhaustion or guilt}¬† Sometimes ‘stuck’ is for a reason. Is it Within or without? With people, situations or stuff?¬† ¬†Listen to what thoughts are reoccurring; the good, the bad; the floundering and the freeing.

 FOUR [week]DAYS to less stress and household sanity! 

SET A TIMER:¬† :: 20 minutes a day — over a 4 day cycle ::¬†

 Pick 2 neglected areas each week to purge, organize and/or clean.

Envision¬†a¬†finish line¬†on Friday.¬†Don’t start on Monday. ;-D¬† Who wants to do that???¬†

Household Tips to PowerClean:¬† A->Don’t buy anything that doesn’t help¬†organize what’s in the ‘keep pile’.¬† B-> Ask Yourself: “What have I been meaning to get around to for months?” C->**Finish Line Friday:¬†¬†ūüôā You can Tear it apart on Tuesday, but it must be clean, organized (or re-purposed) and Completed/Usable on Friday.¬† D. Use 3 bags or Boxes: Keep/Trash/Donate- then -Take out!¬† ¬†E. Find where you can COMBINE (trips to town, dresser drawers or organizing the bathroom while bathing a toddler.)

  1. Pick 2 areas to tackle {idea starters below} or target your own ( ONE can be online things as long as 20 min are devoted to forward progress of your time, career &/or income goals)
  2. . Cut out one 20-30 min unproductive activity. (Any TV/internet time suck)

3.  Toss or donate 4 items {at least} per family member/or per area (per 4-day cycle)

4. Morning routines & loosing things- (spend 20 min. on weekly Schedules/add cubbies for kids- 10 min ‘clean-up’ timer for young ones)

5. Saving/Spending Get real with bills. Know what you need. Find the bleed(s)- stash the savings (Automate $5-$25 to a specific account per week or target your smallest debt first. Unplug energy vampire electronics. Take 20 min to research cheaper providers for any insurance, cell phones. etc.) {Clean the pet hair and dust bunnies under the fridge. It will run more efficiently.}

6.   -Kitchen organization Evening meals are disastrous. Pantry Items, drawers/prep areas. Plus meal planning via an app or list taped to the fridge.)

7. Closets¬†first, then dressers, then laundry , Oh My!¬† Ideas for those with tiny closets: seasonal clothes, books, extra linen & picture albums: Put in Lidded totes. Make a ‘tote tower’ by adding a thin board [or old game board] on top and drape a tapestry over to use as a nightstand.¬† Keep extra canned goods or crafts in a re-purposed video storage cabinet)

8.  Bathroom = Bio-hazard? Safety hazards? (Old &/or duplicate OTC meds?)

9. Income issues/Career/Side gigs  (Research side hustles, online or while the kids are in school. A job closer to home or heart.)

10. Sleep/Phys. Health/Nutrition (20 min outdoor activity/preparing 20 min quick meals, go to bed/get up 20 mins earlier or later.)

11. Add or integrate: (home)work/creative/hobby space.

12. Mental Health-Decor, Colors & Things you keep: Create a soothing sanctuary. A family nest. Playful place to relax, recharge, learn.  It should accentuate your version of joy. Not a manic distopia where no one can sleep or feel upbeat.

RE-CAP:¬† Working Mom or a home business owner… Less stress & more space begins with bite-sized increments. – PLUS +4 days to finish 2 stagnant, cluttered areas. Have the¬†weekend to do as you please!¬†¬†DONE; with less than 90 minutes total, teased out of your busy week. _PS Teenager Friendly!

I’ll be elaborating on the above 12 points (scattershot as they are) and linking them to future posts. I hope this post helped you in some way. Please follow and find Grandma Auburn on Facebook and ->Instagram [still bare, but JUST LAUNCHED!!]¬† Visit the store: Grandma Auburn’s Emporium.¬† ¬†My¬†Summer Baby infant¬†design -one-piece outfit.¬† With Free Shipping, is the newest addition to the family!


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Knowing When to Step Away?

Do you think that sometimes, a new thing is waiting to happen, but you have to let go of the old thing completely?¬† Is the struggle for the old thing worth the prize? Is it a buoy or an anchor? Why hang on? Will it grow or shrink, fill or drain you- tomorrow or in a month? Take-aways from today’s contemplation; some tangible, some not so much.¬† ¬†Although details need sorted, the old thing will be finished. Cut ties. The ending is getting ugly and stupid. And I have no interest in the outcome of…anything at this point.¬† The side I’m on is my own. The old thing is not my path forward anymore.

Whelp Friends & Confidantes: Thanks for listening, cryptic as it may have sounded to most. Maybe less so later. Cheers to 10 years… On to fresh & colorful adventures!

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Spring Cleaning – Mentality

(Subtitled – Challenge yourself to a month of purging the clutter today! )

I may need more than sage and all purpose cleaner to get this ship into shape.  Does anyone else watch hoarding shows as a motivational kick in the butt??

Last summer I took part in a Minimalist Challenge. {I highly recommend it with a friend or group}¬† For a few months after the challenge, the inertia dwindled. By fall, I kinda crashed and burned. Winter lobbed it’s own challenges at me; where I fought to work through some tough issues. Mental cleaning & purging may not as tangible as bowing bookshelves, eBay leftovers or dead relatives’ trinkets, but it’s just as important. Inner work lets us continue on with the ‘outer.’

Now the Spring cycle comes, f.i.n.a.l.l.y. and hopefully… I’m a wiser being for the trials during hibernation. Thankful to the Gods that there wasn’t backsliding. Thankful too, for endings as much as beginnings.

Whelp, friends and confidantes, surround yourself with things & thoughts [& people!] YOU. LOVE. NOW!! – ‘Cause the rest is takin’ up wa-a-y too much room in our heads and in our houses. Clear some space for more creativity and learning.¬† ¬†I have entirely too much going on this month to participate in a challenge daily.¬† BUT¬†Forward in fits & spurts” is a viable motto ūüôā at least in my case!

So-o-o today is May Day 2018.   Will you dive in??

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