Minimalist Fail & a Love of Narrow Ruled

(Subtitled – Confessions of an Unrepentant Fine Point Hoarder)

To get rid of old writing tablets, or not to?    As many times as I’ve said I need to start writing ALL my notes on the computer, it’s just never gonna happen. I’ve had a pen fetish from toddlerhood. In a recent cleaning spree, I found 3 pencil pouches full of assorted pointy-tipped things. (Zebra, anyone?) They were heartily sorted and purged… The six boxes of writing – is another story entirely! (EEK!)

And what has become of ‘narrow lined’ paper?  I’ll not be fooled by College ruled on the sale rack anymore. Also…Steno pads!! One of my favorites.

Then there’s paperback vs Kindle. I’m coming around. Slowly.

Whelp, I spent most of the day marketing. I’d call it a success 🙂   Time for dinner then one last creative push before veggin’ out. OH! (gotta remember) So excited!! Tomorrow Handmaid’s Tale premiers the second season on Hulu (We don’t have cable) I. Am. Hooked! You?